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Sidney Leal

segunda-feira, 3 de março de 2014

"The Lighthouse"

                                                                    The Lighthouse
                                                                       Sidney Leal
            I found myself in darkness and saw nothing there or felt , lost , lost in the darkness of my mind . Walking for hours , or days , how do you know for sure? Followed a dream undefined design, saw nothing , felt nothing ... In the distance comes a brilliant but weak point as my hope to wake up from this nightmare . Was approaching me and its brightness increased, leading me out of my pitch darkness. When the distance distinguish the imposing figure of a huge lighthouse, guiding ships and vessels lost in the immensity of the raging sea . And I knew then that I was on the right track !
            Already in its internal climbed the stairs , the awesome principle , but a sure answers to questions that I had not filled my heart with courage and saw me climbing those stairs two . Everything was easier because now my new wings beat with the force of eager curiosity.
On the first floor there was nothing , gave a turn pounding wings , feeling the cold wind whipping my feathers , just around the empty silence of the night . But when I got the second , landed on top of the threshold of that door . Frozen motion , dumbfounded , I saw him sitting in a high-backed chair , the figure of a man in a sad reflection. Lost in admiration the front window where that endless dark sky , a timid moon , fought for the sovereignty of the heavens with numerous storm clouds .
            - Mister Poe ? I asked in a tone intimidated , confronted by the presence of the Master.
            - Never again! Answered politely, surprising me by understanding the disjointed words I croaked.