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Você ultrapassou o portal da realidade... Seja bem vindo(a) á um mundo onde os contos criam vida, mesmo quando falam de morte...

Sidney Leal

terça-feira, 13 de agosto de 2013

"Terror in Olinda"

"... When he entered the bar a beautiful brunette with curly hair gently, Viera went crazy! The woman brought her features the beauty and color of beautiful Brazilian women. Not those pseudo-European, thin, pale, scrawny as a door, the ghosts who saw the rich feasts that attended. No luck trying to warm that heart of bohemian Viera. But one day, everything changed with that woman, felt the palpitations of the heart race, and a shock of lucidity crumpled up via the abuse of days and party nights.
- You need it! He cried with a hand to clean the whiskers still dirty from recent meal, and the other to pound the table where he was. The observed far, followed his steps and feared losing her sight. Needed to recover, or it could scare the woman. Hurried stumbling over tables and chairs around it, coming in the bathroom saw the marks of life of crazy, tattooed on his face, looked much older than it actually was. Do not bother! Began to wash his face, wetting his hair agitatedly. But his image had been grounded in the mirror, trying unsuccessfully ran his hand clean up its image ... However the problem was not the mirror, but he, rushing a sudden fainting. Tried unsuccessfully to hold the edge of the sink, but it only served to contain a little shock on his face to the ground. Fainted in a shallow puddle of water and blood.
Stunned tried to get up more than once, to find a corner where the sink once left a tooth, lost with the force of his fall. Standing still dizzy, saw his pitiful state, the white suit was grimy, and the collar was in a mixture of viscous grease stains from food and blood. Did not care! Spent slightly water in the hair and face, noticed several long hair curly and tangled in the buttons of his shirt, the woman smelled and sailing. He ignored it as it may have curled up in a lot of girls these days. And out of the bathroom looked for the presence of mysterious brunette in red dress. Nobody could tell his whereabouts, the owner of the old Portuguese tavern, watched curiously strong smelling candles emanating from your dirty laundry.
Viera left the bar when it was night, the street a crowd still chanting danced fresh carnival marches, the blocks that were passed Snowmen Olinda, with its wooden frames with more than three feet tall, puppet caricatures of celebrities, politicians and artists. It was a lot of movement, and Viera still felt a slight lightheadedness will weaken legs. When the crowd saw his bright eyes, possessed himself plunged amid the sea of ​​people struggling to be closer to that brunette. When more approached, more brightness transluzia those brown eyes, which are so clear, did question the origin of that beautiful woman. She indifferent swirled fluttering short red dress, dancing sensually, seducing all men around her as he stroked her hair making them fluttering gently.
She spun - Everyone there looked at her with desire and lust - revolved! - Viera crazed with jealousy felt helpless before the multitude of men who jostled trying to approach the woman - revolved! - When one of the men grabbed more excited! Viera unblinking broke away from the hubbub, and knocked him out with one punch volley.
She laughed - In a terrifying ecstasy of pleasure. Fearing the wrath of the crowd - Ria! - Viera put her on the shoulders and knocking out all his front - Ria! - There were many people on the street. Already far put her down by pulling her tightly by the hand. The woman was still laughing madly, crazy in a loud guffaw satisfaction. They arrived in a dark alley and Viera finally stopped exhausted.
- What are you laughing diaba of my life? Whispered breathlessly.
- Who said I'm yours, snack my eternity? Smiled the woman fingering strangely long lips Viera; That totally insane took her in his arms, tearing her dress with his teeth, lowering his pants and having a mad desire ever felt! She drooled taking pleasure oozing saliva while his nails dug back Viera, tearing the fabric of your dirty clothes, and the skin of his body. The man screamed scared! But he was lost in the madness of sex and its pleasures, wild, insane!
She now spent smoothly nails - which now grew more - the nipples of the man, causing him to howl like an animal! As she licked the thin lines of blood that flowed ...

STILL in the book: "13 Tales - The Madness and Dreams" writer Sidney Leal