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Sidney Leal

quinta-feira, 13 de junho de 2013

"If Allow" (short story 'mildly erotic')

I was a challenge made by my friends and writers took with you my first story 'mildly erotic'

"If you allow"
Sidney Leal
It was a cloudy morning, a cold wind now and again clashed with the large windows that gray building lost in the endless forest of concrete and steel. One more, just one more ... Doralice rested an arm on one of the glass windows of the fifth floor, reflective not noticed how much time lost there reflecting on his life ... Twenty-year career in that office, owned house, car, a cat ... And a huge dildo, his companion of loneliness ... Single, no children, could not remember the last time I had sex - God forty-two, could not remember the last time you took a good fuck! - He thought with a sinking heart chest, wanting to cry. Yesterday at the funeral of her best friend Aline - died young was his age when he lost his battle to breast cancer - During the hours spent crying looking at his face pale but relieved her friend in the coffin. Reflected on everything reflected on everyone, and seeing her husband and children Aline around Mother paying him homage, saying goodbye to the warrior who lived. Doralice felt a twinge in his chest, was very sad yes, but what I felt was something else ... The lack of air, your heart dysrhythmia, that meant that soon. Soon she could be there in that cold wooden box. And knees Doralice was supported by the people who were at the funeral, while collapsed with the sting of reality that you poked the heart, die alone! Asked that this day was away, but he knew that he would die alone.
Took care of his parents all his life, without guilt, with the devotion that all children should have for their elders, by their ancestors. And now reflecting, could not fault them for not having found someone, it was not even their fault, the fault was hers to be alone - and picked up a plastic cup filled with coffee without sugar - once He sipped the coffee hot - Poha! He dropped the cup that shattered on the marble floor of the office, none of his colleagues noticed nothing, all those people who like years she worked there together, none of them had noticed that had been burned. Just imagine how it would be when he dies, will any of these 'robots' have been moved for real? Laughed to scorn, knowing the answer.
- Damn my blazer, my skirt, my pantyhose! He ran to the ladies room, and wetting some paper towel tried unsuccessfully to assuage the coffee stains. When you enter the bathroom.
- Morning Doralice!
 - Good morning Martha.
- I heard Aline ... How sad huh, my condolences, I know she was your friend ... But what are you doing here at this hour? Not spent the night at the wake?
- Yes, and then went to the cemetery too ... You wanted to see the progress of each contract and ...
- Doralice, go home to rest and come back tomorrow. How your boss can not let you work tired as you are appearing. You looked in the mirror today?
Doralice consenting with a grin, knew not looked today, actually made years not looked like a woman. And even when leaving Martha said:
- We are very young, how old do you have it?
- 42 ...
- Our thought was my age fifty ... Never mind, take rest girl, you are in need! Hastily closing the door behind her.
Alone Doralice looked up and saw the reflection of a stranger, a lady to look good ... With slight traces of wrinkles, some gray hair hair streaming down her face, wanted to cry, but took a deep breath, pulled the bottom of her bag, a little part that wore a little makeup kit. And after a few minutes on makeup, brushing the loose hair gently pulled her skirt a bit shorter leaving her, her legs were shaved well - thank God! - Noted that formed the first genuine smile of days, dropped two buttons of white dress shirt and you can see that the volume of her breasts stood out beneath the blazer he wore black female. Today would be the day to change the direction of your life!
As he quickly dismissed the prying eyes of his colleagues, who only then noticed a change in Doralice, but if you asked anyone what had changed few would know say, so conditioned to see the austere business supervisor. Doralice descended the stairs toward the front door towards the street. Would leave the bus, was not well enough to drive, and passing some cars parked discreetly looked up, and a strange place, a sense of power he embraced the heart, to the point that bus was felt strong, powerful, and the most amazing feel sexy, desirable!
Embarrassed because I never pick up bus to come or go to work, had to check with some people who were on point with her. Noticed that while some men responded, followed with eager eyes toward their breasts. A feeling I had never felt, even when young. In this group of people waiting for the bus was a man of strong features, dark-haired chin gently striking. As she read the description of the Greek warriors in an old book, the mysterious man wearing a black suit well aligned, and held a small suitcase without a handle. Doralice observing the man's hands, felt a slight heat and a little discomfort between his legs, the man had big hands, strong pronounced veins. On this last point, wet lips of the strange desire.
Lost in erotic daydreams, or realized that the bus had stopped in front of him preparing to go:
- Hein girl! Shouted the man of her desire.
- Wow! Excuse me driver is that I ... Thank you?
- Claudius, this is my name.
- Our how can ... It is of Greek origin?
- Yes, I inherited from my grandparents ... Doralice heard nothing, saw only that man's lips silently moving while undressed with a desire that he climbed up the legs. The way was long, and the bus filled strangely, they were not in peak hours or transit. The fact is that each point they passed the number of people increased, and saw himself pressed Doralice ago by Claudius, who visibly embarrassed trying unsuccessfully not to touch the woman. Saw with strangeness Doralice settled in front, but she was enjoying it! And mad desire not realize that Claudius had fallen a point behind. When she felt something hard was rubbing her butt. A grin formed on his face, and clutching the support of the bus started pushing his body against what, at first slowly, then faster, and soon after with strength. Imagined how Claudius was excited because I felt the force of his cock against her. Reveled biting his lips, imagining the size of that cock, that even with the cover fabric of his pants and her skirt still was present strong. Doralice uncontrolled, not looking back at all, I was ashamed and too excited for this.
Damn the people around them, damn if all the world, after all she and he could not control himself and gave themselves to pleasure. With one hand he started rubbing his fingers into her vagina, over the same fabric of the skirt because I was mad with lust. And in the state that was her vagina that burn at the slightest touch of pleasure. Whether he felt touched her vagina wet and ready ... Doralice 42, who for many years did not fuck, she was finally ready, ready to fuck, and blind pleasure, emitting low moans when supported in the body of the struts in front and arms free, yanked the hand that was holding behind her putting on one of her breasts, which were already out and gently brown nipples which were stiff and looked with amazement.
The other hand grabbed Doralice forcefully that object of pleasure that just over half an hour rubbing her ass, her exciting, hard as that object that was supposed to have quenched their thirst for pussy anyway, anywhere, it was right there in that bus, consenting Doralice biting his lips and shouting:
- Yes, yes, come eat with force! Ai, ai, aaaaiiii!
When - Hein're crazy girl! - Shouted a fat lady who was behind Doralice - Larga my umbrella and releases my hand! His perverted!

Doralice opened his eyes, smiled with satisfaction, for he had finally enjoyed deliciously moments ago, I was ready! The workout was over! And off the bus while straightened, smiled with the knowledge that he had succeeded in having sex with a umbrella inside a crowded bus in broad daylight. Imagine what it would do when caught a real man.