Saudações tenebrosas...

Você ultrapassou o portal da realidade... Seja bem vindo(a) á um mundo onde os contos criam vida, mesmo quando falam de morte...

Sidney Leal

sexta-feira, 28 de junho de 2013

Write to night...

"When the void of ideas get lost.
When in the dark silence I take refuge.
I'm so lost in reverie for long hours on end.
When I find myself many hours have passed ...
The night has arrived!
When aguço my hearing, hear noises, voices, whining.
Night Whispers are calling my attention.
Then write the night!
For it is in the silent darkness that feisty lady of inspiration allowed to describe.
But silence is not full!

The Night Whispers are so audible that I am surprised that few listen ... ".                                                                                                                 (Sidney Leal)