Saudações tenebrosas...

Você ultrapassou o portal da realidade... Seja bem vindo(a) á um mundo onde os contos criam vida, mesmo quando falam de morte...

Sidney Leal

segunda-feira, 12 de novembro de 2012

"The view from the other side"

"... The drums were exploding in my ears. Awake, my face felt the cold touch of the concrete floor burned. Wax color me green eyes ached. Took her hair in front of my eyes still dazed and did my first attempt to raise, I found myself surrounded by a group of people in a circle with white robes, singing and dancing African singing ancient songs. everyone clapped, everyone sang in unison, accompanied by drumming surrounding the drums.
             - Back My Dad! Turn my light guide! Shouted an old woman holding my head in my hands, a lady's black curved spine at the top of the old.
             When I dropped weaken the standing leg felt that threw me from one side to another of the big wheel, my head weighed, and confused thoughts gave way to uncertainty of fainting. A strange chill ran down my spine as I felt, my conscience is lost. My head was spinning, full of thoughts that were not my own, felt how to divide the space of existence with another "someone" an intruder! He could no longer order my arms to stop them from shaking, but there was an intruder, who dominated slowly my body and my physical will be seized ... "
CONTINUES in the book "13 Tales writer Sidney Leal.