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Sidney Leal

quarta-feira, 21 de novembro de 2012

"Vengeance of the Moon"

"... Pedro and Ana were a couple humble, semi-literate, worked and planned for the future in the young capital, which flourished painful steps. Rented a shack with very cost away from the bustle of the harbor, near the beach. And lived there. To Pedro finally be with Ana, was an unparalleled victory, all the trials that the two had to endure to finally get married were finally rewarded. memories Then came the wedding night, his first night in the hut ... From small window could- seeing the sea and its grandeur. Table of love could not be better described.   He carried a secret revealed by his Father and that came from his grandfather, because the origin of the family came from overseas. Grandfather of his Father a Portuguese sailor who was one of his trips to ports in England was attacked by pack of wild wolves survived, but this encounter gave him a wound that healed even after bleeding from time to time, bleeding generate fever and hallucinations. Poor miserable not only died on his last trip luckily, because was dumped in damp basements ship without food and proper medication. febrile The days and nights were for a small skylight was ecstatic admiring the moon Sailors who saw the night if frightened, said that his eyes took on a slight reddish tint and went into a trance, as if you hypnotize the moon was abandoned to fend for themselves in the young Brazil.
   With this in mind Pedro woke up! Flushed saw that the amulet was on the table. Calming by noting that Moonlight bathed the girl's green eyes sparkled with Ana Passion. The touch of his brown skin, soft awaken the senses uncontrollable desire, rage exploded on the chest of her lover. Pedro felt himself about to lose control. Suddenly a tachycardia, the rhythm of his heart wildly cold sweat, I was breathless!
   His wife at first controlled complacent and began scaring because the brightness of the full moon that reigned in heaven, Pedro's eyes took on a reddish tone of anger and pain. He felt his bones estralarem, a burning sensation throughout the body, desperate lost control over the curse that almost kept him out of his love, but victory would be his. For now possessed the powerful ancient amulet that prevented his curse. He got up to look for him terrified, dizzy feeling that at any moment could ...
   - Where is! Where is it? Shouted the boy upset with the pained expression etched on his pale face. In desperation sight grew dim, dizzy and fell on the table on top of the amulet! Ana recovered from the initial shock, aware of the curse of her husband, went and got the amulet placing it in the trembling hands of Pedro, who now gritted teeth talking incoherently. The cold touch of the old metal on his skin burned, making him tremble from head to toe enregelara very fast, dying on the wooden floor of the hut, while HAnah wept copiously in a dark corner of the place ... "
CONTINUES in the book "13 Tales" writer Sidney Leal.