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Sidney Leal

terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2012


        "The power of good music is amazing, she saved me from the arms strong and involving the routine, and she saved me can also save you. The song encourages us, relaxing, ripens. When trying to understand its nuances human being transcends the barriers of reality and tunes something bigger ... It makes us think about things that are important. I speak not only of classical music, classical or world music - Despite prefer them - Find your style of music. When we are in a state of total physical and mental fatigue, when ideas do not flow, and if we have the opportunity, the opportunity to isolate and lock yourself in a dark place positioned comfortably in a chair, bed, sofa - wooden box - both doeth: the important thing is to be relaxed so that the effect of music is more profitable.
            Then place that sound that makes you travel in the best sense of the word, that sound that reminds you of the good things of the past, present or even the future - why not - or simply do not think about anything! Enjoy the sound, the singer's voice (a), or the sound of the instruments, the melody. Let the muscles relax ...
            To improve the "absorption" of the benefits of music, before you can take a nice relaxing bath be it hot or cold, complemented by a wine.
            With all these precautions assure that you will be much better than when you started, remember that the appreciation of good music back short-term benefits and eternal pleasure, but be careful. Like any good wine where we have to taste it to know that it does not become just an alcoholic drink, the music is like that. If you do not choose a good time, if not a preparation to hear it nothing happens ... And then they will blame me."
(Sidney Leal)