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Sidney Leal

segunda-feira, 31 de dezembro de 2012

"Venom ferina"

"... Laurindo then felt through their leather garments that covered their ankles to the knees the sting of the venomous poison of a snake boat. Scathing The boat made ​​the man faltered for a moment until you see the fangs of the snake that shone reflecting the sun, burned by surprise invasion of his dominions. quickly retraced man scare, and jumped with the knife in his hands in a position to fight back, stared at the animal that cowered in their laps premeditating another attack. a fagot is saw suddenly cornered by the powerful blow that took his head, stubborn moved while still dying in the grass down.
             Laurindo sat on the floor and only then could a hand injury that now throbbed in pain. And taking all their clothes saw two small red dots of blood, the result of his recent confrontation. Seeing the size of the wound that was not decided to splurge the contract he had, but arose felt dizzy. The wound had swollen, red dots were now yellowing, knew were rapidly infecting the poison venom. Barefoot of one foot crept up his horse who was nearby, and playing by the faltering effort in his cell, followed more than twenty minutes to his house.
             When reached fever was already present, felt cold and hit the teeth that unnerved him by the whiskers ..."
CONTINUES in the book "13 Tales" writer Sidney Leal